"A rare sports based game that makes you reflect on life."

- Ken Ellis, DIY Gamer

"The basketball mechanic looks quite slick but the flashes of narrative [will be] the heart of this one."

- Adam Smith, Rock, Paper Shotgun

"...A wildly varied set of gameplay mechanics that see the player undergoing a veritable goldmine of interactive tasks."

- Richard Glenn, DIY Gamer


Press Kit

What is BasketBelle?

BasketBelle is a 2D experimental basketball game that treats each chapter as a different use of the sport. In some chapters you play 1-on-1 games against monsters in Paris. In other chapters you're scoring baskets in the clouds.

What is included with my purchase?

Your BasketBelle purchase includes:

  • Full Version of BasketBelle (DRM free)
  • Full Soundtrack + Bonus Tracks + Album Art
  • Concept Art + Liner Notes
  • Access to a Making of Featurette
  • Achievements + Trading Cards (Steam version only)
  • Free updates for life!

What platform is BasketBelle available for?

BasketBelle is available for Windows on Steam. However, since the game is built in Flash, it is also available to play locally via a web browser.

What does my purchase go towards?

Your purchase will go strictly towards the development of future games!