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BasketBelle on Steam

"A rare sports based game that makes you reflect on life."

- Ken Ellis, DIY Gamer

"The basketball mechanic looks quite slick but the flashes of narrative [will be] the heart of this one."

- Adam Smith, Rock, Paper Shotgun

"...A wildly varied set of gameplay mechanics that see the player undergoing a veritable goldmine of interactive tasks."

- Richard Glenn, DIY Gamer


Press Kit

What is BasketBelle?

BasketBelle is a 2D experimental basketball game that treats each chapter as a different use of the sport. In some chapters you play 1-on-1 games against monsters in Paris. In other chapters you're scoring baskets in the clouds.

What is included with my purchase?

Your BasketBelle purchase includes:

  • Full Version of BasketBelle (DRM free)
  • Full Soundtrack + Bonus Tracks + Album Art
  • Concept Art + Liner Notes
  • Access to a Making of Featurette
  • Free updates for life!

What platforms is BasketBelle available for?

BasketBelle is available for Windows and Mac as a standalone application. However, since the game is built in Flash, it will also be available to play locally via a web browser.

What does my purchase go towards?

Your purchase will go strictly towards the development of future games, including future updates of BasketBelle.

Why is the base price only a minimum?

Fans of past games have asked for a way to donate or help contribute to the development of future games. Setting a minimum price allows people to donate as much as they wish while also receiving something in return.

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